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Setting a Kitchen and Bath Remodel Schedule

Even a minor home remodeling project can be a disrupting experience; However, setting
a schedule can minimize this disruption and help you plan around it.

The 3-month project example laid out here will help you understand the average amount
of time needed to make key decisions, place orders, receive materials, and prepare for
demolition and installations. Keep in mind, remodel projects rarely run exactly as planned;
you may have your new beautiful kitchen in just a few weeks, or it may be closer to 4
months, but in the end, it will be worth the wait.

During your Design Consultation with your expert ProSource Kitchen and Bath Designer,
you will want to begin to plan a timeline for your project.

Be sure to allow a couple of extra days for each task. It's not uncommon for one of your
subs to be a day early or a couple of days late. If they are busy, they might end up getting
hung up on the job before yours. When they do show up, be sure to have everything ready
for them. If they have a day or two allotted for you and you're not ready, they might have
to come back AFTER they finish the job they had scheduled right after yours.

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