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Kitchen Remodel Timeline

Designing and installing a new kitchen is an exciting endeavor that will enhance your home's
livability and increase its value. Unlike most home remodel projects, however, redesigning your
kitchen can be disruptive to the most central living space in your home. Our experts understand
both the excitement and the interruptions that you will experience very well.

This expectation timeline illustrates the process your ProSource Kitchen and Bath team will guide
you through.

Getting Started

You are already on the right track! By choosing ProSource, you are assured better quality materials
at a bigger overall value.

Gather your ideas, wish lists, and pictures of kitchens that you love in preparation for your meeting
with our Kitchen & Bath Designer.

Step 1 Proper Pre-Measure

Qualified measuring is critical to a successful remodel. Before your job begins, your Installation
Professional should conduct a thorough site evaluation including an expert pre-measure. If you
are not presently working with a qualified trade professional, we can introduce you to ProSource
Members in your area.

Installation of your project will be the responsibility of your Installation Professional. The accuracy
of their measurements at the beginning of your remodel will help to ensure they have a proper product
fit and deliver ultimate results.

Demolition needs, structural changes, and utility access are critical components of your remodeling
project and will be important to address with your Installation Professional early in the process.

Step 2 Define Your Dream Kitchen

Together with your dedicated Account Manager, you will complete a ProSource Kitchen Project Plan
to identify your project timeline, budget considerations, lifestyle demands, remodeling goals,
appliance considerations, and style preferences.

Keep all contact and product information pertinent to your project on your personal Project Checklist,
which will be provided to you during your Showroom visit.

Be prepared: A custom kitchen remodel can take 3-4 months depending on your design preferences.

Step 3 Design Phase

With a completed Project Plan and your measurements in hand, your Account Manager will help
you schedule an appointment with our expert onsite Kitchen & Bath Designer to create a custom
kitchen that meets your individual needs and personal budget.

You will then team up with our experienced Kitchen & Bath Designer to: (a) Review the choices you
made while completing your ProSource Kitchen Project Plan with your Account Manager. (b) Review
your project measurements. (c) Create a custom design that will bring your dream kitchen or bath to life.

Step 4 Project Estimate

Upon completion of step 3, you will receive a rendering of your custom design and an overall estimate
for all materials purchased at low wholesale prices through your ProSource Kitchen & Bath Showroom.
Work with your Installation Professional to fully understand any additional costs related to demolition,
construction, permit needs, installation and so on.

Step 5 Design Decisions

If you wish to modify the initial design, simply meet with your Kitchen & Bath Designer to draft your
desired changes. Multiple changes and additional renderings may require a non-refundable deposit
which would be applied to any cabinet order.

Your Account Manager will continue to work with you to fill the other needs of your project such
as flooring, countertops and backsplashes at low wholesale prices.

Step 6 Site Verification & Design Approvals

As final decisions on your project are about to be made, we suggest that your Installation Professional
meet with your ProSource Kitchen & Bath Designer to review your design and answer questions
regarding your jobsite. This is a critical phase of your project to be completed before your design is

Consider all selections carefully prior to placing your order. Due to the nature of custom kitchen
projects, changes cannot be made to the order once the order is placed. Any changes to your plan
can be costly and can cause project delays.

When your custom design meets your expectations, you will give us your final approval and the project
is ready to move forward!

Step 7 Order Materials

The final design and pricing will be reviewed with you for your approval. Full 100% payment is due
upon order of all cabinets. A minimum 50% deposit is due upon order of all countertop materials.

Final floor plans of your design will be given to your Installation Professional when full payment is
received. Your Kitchen & Bath Designer will notify you and your Installation Professional of the
expected delivery date of your order and provide you with status updates on its progress as we
receive notification from the manufacturer.

Plan 3-8 weeks for your order to arrive, depending on the products you select.

Step 8 Product Delivery

Work with your Installation Professional to identify and prepare an area to store your cabinets and
products being delivered for installation. This area must be dry, secured, sheltered from weather,
and large enough to host all of the products ordered for your installation.

You and your Installation Professional should inspect all products upon delivery. Missing or damaged
materials will delay your project.

Step 9 Installation

Your Installation Professional should review site preparation requirements with you. Be prepared to
remove the contents of your existing cabinets and drawers, clear countertops, and remove all antiques,
breakables, mirrors and other valuables from the area.

While your kitchen is under construction, you will need to establish new mealtime options. Consider
relocating a microwave, refrigerator, and small portable appliances to another room.

Step 10 SHOW OFF!

We work hard to ensure you will have an enjoyable remodel experience with an exceptional outcome.
We look forward to hearing about your experience and receiving pictures of your final installation.

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