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Finishing Touches Make All The Difference

Your ProSource Kitchen & Bath Showroom presents a stunning
collection of cabinet door styles, enhanced by a broad spectrum of
stains, glazes and paint colors. Each finishing technique creates
a unique look and will have a different overall appearance on
different types of wood. Available finishes not only look beautiful
and bring out the grain of the wood, but help protect your cabinetry
for many years.


Laminate cabinets are easy on your budget and offer an extensive
selection of colors and patterns to choose from. Plus, today's high-
pressure laminates are more durable than ever, making them highly
resistant to damage by utensils or striking. Laminate cabinets are low
maintenance and stain-resistant.


The wonderful thing about paint is that you have such an enormous range
of colors to select from. You can also create an array of special effects.
Whether you are looking for a smooth, glossy, sanded or textured finish,
paint can do the job! The only downside to paint is that hairline cracks at
joints will eventually form as the wood expands and contracts.

Hand Glazed

With a glaze you have the option of using it by itself or applying it over
a base stain or paint. Once it is applied, it is then wiped off by hand.
As you wipe off the glaze, it settles in the cabinets open grain areas
and defines its details. Glazes can be tinted any color. Contrasting the
color of the wood with the color of the glaze creates a uniquely attractive look.


The distressing technique creates a finish with unique and appealing
imperfections such as dents, worm holes, chisel marks and other signs
of natural wear.


Add character and depth to select finishes with over sanding on edges
and cabinet heirloom profiles for a naturally worn-to-the-wood appearance
that says old world charm. The glazing will enhance areas of wood exposed
by over sanding to take on the darker characteristics of the applied glaze
for a finish that is warm and perfectly aged.

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