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Cabinet Selection Guide

Cabinet Options That Impact Your Budget

It is important to understand why certain cabinets cost more than others. Overall, the details
below are what cause cabinet prices to vary. This helpful guide ensures you ask the right questions,
understand what you are purchasing and make the best decisions.

Cabinet Box

Particle Board [ $ ]

Particle board is dimensionally stable. It does not expand and contract
as the humidity changes. It can be precisely machined to fine tolerances,
meaning you can produce the same exact pieces with the same exact
physical characteristics every single time. It's a completely uniform material,
so you get exactly the same result from every sheet.

Plywood [ $$-$$$ ]

When moisture penetrates the surface of particle board cabinets, it can cause
expansion and cracking. Wood cabinets are rarely damaged when moisture is
wiped up promptly. Cabinets with all plywood construction can support heavy
countertops, such as granite or ceramic tile, giving you more leeway with kitchen
design. Homeowners generally appreciate the added structural value of all
plywood kitchen cabinets


Veneer [ $ ]

Veneer doors are made from a plywood or composite base topped with a thin
layer of wood veneer. Rather than cut lumber into planks like solid wood doors,
a thin layer of wood is shaved off the log and applied to the base plywood or
composite. The result is a consistent and uniform appearance with less cost. The
veneer is thin which means the door may be more susceptible to chipping or peeling.

Solid Wood [ $$ ]

Solid wood cabinet doors are made from planks of hardwood joined together to
form a continuous surface. Solid wood doors show more natural wood variations and
can last longer. Solid wood can also be refinished to refresh the appearance.


Standard Staple [ $ ]

Standard glue and staple drawers are efficient and long-lasting.

Dovetail [ $$ ]

All wood dovetail construction upgrades have become today's
standard in custom kitchens.


Basic Hinge [ $ ]

Secure and strong
Provides for easy open and close


6-Way Adjustable [ $$ ]

Secure and strong
Allows for precision open and close with ability to adjust up/down,
in/out, forward/back.

Finish Quality

The type of finish you select on your cabinets greatly impacts
your price.

Basic Finish [ $ ]

Standard finish
Simply applied
Limited warranty

Furniture Quality Finish [ $$$ ]

Oven cured enabling the hardest, most durable finish
Resists common household stains
Factory-applied for highest quality using the most advanced materials
Non-yellowing finishes for lasting beauty
High-speed sanding for smoother, more consistent look
Lifetime warranty

Wood Type

The type of wood you select for your door can greatly impact its
cost. Depending on the door style you select and your preferred
finish, the wood type can affect the overall appearance. However,
many times you can achieve the look you want and remain in
budget simply by modifying your desired wood type.

Oak [ $ ]

- Very strong, open grain pattern
- Color may vary from salmon red to dark cinnamon within a panel
- Mineral deposits add color accents of green, yellow or black
- May include random worm holes, knots and wild-grain patterns

Maple [ $$ ]

- Subtle grain pattern
- Smooth, uniform appearance
- Color ranges from creamy white to pale red/brown within a panel
- May include "bird's eye" dots and mineral streaks

Hickory [ $$ ]

- Strong, dramatic grain pattern
- Color may range from blonde to tobacco brown
- Natural beauty enhanced by random worm holes and knots

Cherry [ $$$ ]

- Color ranges from tan blonde to deep brown within a panel.
- Cherry naturally darkens as it ages, blending hues from golden
iiiyellow to deep red





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