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Site Built Cabinets Compared to Furniture Quality Cabinets

Many homeowners are excited when they have the opportunity to have cabinets custom-made
for them by a local site built company. Although this custom benefit is a great opportunity, consider
how site built cabinets compare with special order cabinetry available at ProSource.


Finish Quality

Site Built: Hand applied finish that does not achieve the long-lasting durability in a kitchen.

Special Order: Furniture quality oven cured finish that contains zinc and titanium oxide
enabling the hardest finish for durability. Finish is also proven to withstand common kitchen
products such as vinegar, lemon, orange, tomato, and grape juice, catsup, coffee, olive oil,
alcohol, detergent and mustard.


Site Built: No warranty or limited warranty

Special Order: Minimum 5 Year Warranty to Lifetime Warranty


Site Built: Not KCMA Certified for durability

Special Order: Meets all KCMA Certifications


Site Built: May use hardwoods and/or plywood that is not environmentally responsible

Special Order: All products made of environmentally responsible hardwoods


Site Built: Built according to your specifications.

Special Order: Complete custom options to over 3,000 product sizes to fit any project or
design desire.

KCMA Certified:

- Environmentally responsible hardwoods only
- Drawers are tested to hold 15 lbs per sq ft and opened and closed 25,000 times
- Doors are loaded with 65 lbs of weight and continuously opened and closed to test strength
- Wall cabinets are loaded with 500 lbs of weight without any visible sign of failure allowed
- Strength of joints are tested against 250 pounds of pressure
- Finish areas are submerged in vinegar, lemon, orange, tomato, and grape juice, catsup, coffee,
iiolive oil, alcohol, detergent and mustard, for a minimum of 24 hours with no appreciable
iidiscoloration, stain or whitening allowed.
- Cabinets are tested on the ability of the finish to withstand hot and cold cycles.
- Finishes are baked to 120 degrees, then cooled to -5 degrees multiple times with no discoloration
iior other failure allowed.

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