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My Story

I have been in the Design/Build/Remodeling industry the last 21 years.
My family had a wonderful remodeling showroom in Minnesota and we
designed and built everything from a deluxe dog kennel to very fancy homes
- and everything in between!

A few years ago, my father, who owned our firm with my mother, passed
away. Around the same time, my partners and I invented a cool new air powered
batting tee (see below). It seemed like a great time to start the next phase of
my life!

Our firm was honored with the prestigious Big50 award presented by
Remodeling Magazine! I'm the handsome bald guy on the left!

Although we closed our showroom, people still stop by to talk about their
remodeling projects or friends pick my brain about their upcoming remodel.
I found I still love talking about remodeling and new construction ideas
and how to save money on their projects. Money is tight these days and it
makes you feel good if you can update your home or tackle a project on
your dream list - and save money while doing so!

Here's one of the best and easiest ways I can save you money! I am a
member of ProSource Wholesale Showrooms. They are a nationwide
"Private Showroom" that are only open to the Trades in the construction
industry. As a member, I can invite my Guests to enjoy all the great benefits
and fantastic prices of these showrooms! You are welcome to visit the
website. You will be impressed!

There are a couple of "Wholesale" buying clubs that you can join. I stopped
in a local showroom and I guessed the membership fee would be a few
hundred bucks. After sitting through a 2 hour timeshare like presentation, I
just about flipped when she told me it was $5,500 and $195 a year. Ouch!
As a guest of mine, you can visit your local Wholesale ProSource Showroom
and start working on your project right away! Best of all - no membership fee
for you! It's all compliments of Save On Remodeling, LLC!

Why am I offering this great opportunity? A good portion of my life has been
spent working with homeowners and the home improvement trades to design & build
wonderful new spaces for our clients. Creating SaveOnRemodeling.net gives me
the opportunity to continue doing something I love. Best of all, you have the
opportunity to visit a value packed showroom and work with a very talented designer
to assist you with your next remodeling or new construction project!

As a special bonus for teaming you up with ProSource, they send me a small
monetary thank you!


Mark Schaffhausen
Save On Remodeling, LLC

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